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Your adventure isn’t just about reaching some faraway land, it’s about the smooth, effortless journey that gets you there. When you schedule your journey from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, you get access to one of the best fleets with world-renowned amenities. Whenever you need assistance due to any mishaps, simply talk to a live person present at the helpdesk which allows you to enjoy your peace smartly. You can also take advantage of special discounts and offers to make your travel even more affordable. The Saudia Airlines team is committed to ensuring that you have a safe and pleasant journey. To gain more under your umbrella, you must reach the Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal at least 3 hours before departure.

Which terminal is operated by Saudia Airlines at the Baghdad International Airport?

Saudia Airlines uses Terminal 1 of Baghdad International Airport for its flight operations. The Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal is equipped with modern facilities and offers a variety of services to make your travel experience more comfortable for all passengers irrespective of flight route and cabin class. The terminal is home to several shops and restaurants which allow passengers to enjoy their thrill and spirit. Saudia Airlines is committed to making sure all passengers feel welcome and taken care of during their trip. You can demand multiple exclusive services by contacting the customer service team present at the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport no matter your ticket holdings. 

Saudia Airlines, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport AddressSaudia Airlines, 2 El-Salam, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate 8752202, Egypt
Saudia Airlines Contact Number+1-(800) 472-8342
Saudia Airlines IATA CodeSV
Saudia Airlines ICAO CodeSVA
Saudia Airlines Ticket Counter Hours:Daily 24 Hours
Saudia Airlines Official
Saudia Airlines Check-in:Terminal 1

Navigation process at Baghdad International Airport

Arrival Terminal: Passengers of Saudia Airlines might anticipate an improved overall travel experience without compromising comfort throughout the arrival process. At the arrival terminal, travelers will be greeted by ground personnel who will assist them in boarding their connecting flight. When travelers reach Baghdad International Airport, they will go through the immigration and customs procedures if required. The airline is unwavering in its commitment to prioritizing the requirements of its passengers from takeoff to landing at their destination point. Passengers may expect a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience with Saudia Airlines thanks to their personalized service process.

Departure Terminal: Saudia Airlines values your experience and to buckle your joy, the airline promotes numerous amenities at the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. When you reach the departure center, you will be welcomed by the ground team and they will take care of everything. Simply complete the check-in procedure and hand your baggage to the dedicated counter. In case, you need any assistance or exclusive service like priority boarding, special diet, wheelchair assistance, in-person support, and many more. Choose the best service as per your requirements and enjoy a once in a life by paying a minimal fee to safeguard your luxury. 

Services available through the Baghdad International Airport by Saudia Airlines

In the fast-paced world of air travel, having a reliable and efficient customer service channel is crucial. Many passengers find themselves in situations where they need to talk to a live person at Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal to address queries, resolve issues, or make special requests. The airline through them offers numerous services that help passengers to enjoy a seamless air journey from the SSH terminal. 

Seat Selection Facility

Saudia Airlines at Baghdad International Airport accommodates a variety of consumer preferences by providing numerous alternatives for seating arrangements. To personalize their trip, travelers can select first-class and business-class seats as they offer more comfort and prime. Saudia Airlines facilitates group seating arrangements for travelers seeking a seamless travel experience with companions. Depending on their preferences, travelers can choose their seats so they can prioritize aisle access, window views, or comfort.

Customer Service

When you talk to a live person at Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal, you get a chance to prepare your booking as per your terms. The available agents are well qualified to help you and advise on a variety of subjects regarding your travel concerns. With their help, the airline guarantees that travelers enjoy a journey full of thrill and excitement. You can contact customer support with any other general questions including those concerning reward programs, airline policies, or other issues not addressed by the aforementioned categories. 


Reach the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport as it allows you ample time to get connected with the official representative. Ask the agent to fill in the reservation form by adding details such as flight date, surname, country phone code, and phone number. Confirm the input and submit the form by paying the applicable charges. You can share all relevant information based on your requirements. The agent will help you find all exclusive deals available for your desired destination.

Baggage Allowance

The airline provides various baggage allowances, allowing passengers to select options that best suit their travel needs and budget. Customizable choices ensure passengers can enjoy a personalized and comfortable journey. The airline’s focus on baggage allowance options guarantees a customized travel experience for all passengers. Passengers are allowed to extend their baggage limit by paying additional fees. The airline offers a variety of checked-in baggage options at the Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal allowing passengers to select the most appropriate option for their trip based on fare category, requirement, destination, and budget.


Talk to a live agent of Saudia Airlines at SSH Terminal and ask them to cancel an active air ticket. You will need to share the booking confirmation code with the passenger’s family name. The customer service team will process your cancellation request and provide a refund. The refund will be credited to the original payment method used after accessing the Saudia Airlines refund clause. To gain a refund, you will need to save a reference number for future inquiries from the customer service team.


If you need to make changes to your existing reservation, the Saudia Airlines customer service desk will assist you better. Contact them and inform the representative about the modifications you wish to make. Your booking confirmation code and the relevant passenger information will help the travel agent guide you through the available options and any associated fees. The agent will assess your booking and if your reservation qualifies for change, you will gain the desired output without making any additional effort.

Special Assistance 

Saudia Airlines cares about passengers who may need extra help during their flight journey. For them, the airline offers special assistance services, these exclusive services are available for kids traveling alone, elderly people, and those with disabilities. The airline also promotes special assistance services for those who are visually impaired. Special assistance services offered by Saudia Airlines include priority boarding, designated check-in desks, and help with boarding and getting off.


The commitment to customer satisfaction through a dedicated team ensures that travelers can navigate any challenges with ease. Marking your present at the Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal allows you to focus on enjoying your journey with peace of mind while saving your energy. The team is always ready to assist you with any concerns you may have. You can take their help to customize your journey to fit your needs as they are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience within your budget.

List of All Saudia Airlines Terminal Globally

Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal Sharm El Sheikh International Airport Terminal Map Location

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve a preferred seat at the Saudia Airlines SSH Terminal?

You can reserve your preferred seat by reaching the Saudia Airlines’ official support desk present at the SSH Terminal. Reach here with all relevant documents and spare some time with the customer service team.

What other options are there for managing Saudia Airlines reservations

Live chat support, web support, customer service numbers, or reaching the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport will help you manage your reservation.

Is Saudia Airlines an appropriate choice for senior passengers?

Yes. Saudia Airlines is an appropriate choice for senior passengers, unaccompanied minors, and passengers traveling with disabilities.

How can I get in touch with Saudia Airlines customer support to get help with canceled flights?

The airline offers various methods to connect with customer service for assistance. If you encounter difficulties booking a flight or have travel-related queries, reaching out to a live person is a breeze. You can reach them through the helpdesk counter at the SSH terminal.

How many terminals does the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport have?

Baghdad International Airport has three terminals, through which it provides its flight services to all major routes across the globe. Saudia Airlines may use Terminal 1 for their flight service, however, keeping a notification will enhance your chances of reaching the terminal. 

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