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Flying with Southwest Airlines at Harry Reid International Airport will allow you to enjoy the journey of a lifetime. The LAS terminal offers modern amenities that elevate your experience even before you board the flight. Southwest Airlines Harry Reid International Airport also has access to Wi-Fi and comfortable seating. It is also home to a wide range of shops and restaurants helping you to make the most of your time at the airport. The airline also employs a dedicated team to help you to solve your worries. The team will make sure your trip is as enjoyable as possible even if you have a basic fare as the airline believes everyone has a heart to fly.

Which terminal is used by Southwest Airlines at the Harry Reid International Airport?

Harry Reid International Airport is located close to downtown Harry Reid. Southwest Airlines uses this modern airport as a hub and helps people travel to different places both within the United States and internationally. The airline uses Terminal 1 for its flight services and helps millions to reach their destination quite comfortably. Southwest Airlines Harry Reid International Airport offers a variety of amenities including Wi-Fi, premium waiting lounges, restaurants, shops, and a variety of other services. The airport also has one of the best transport connectivity helping passengers with rental cars, taxis, and shuttles to drive their dream. Reach gates Terminal 1 at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) to fly with Southwest Airlines and enjoy a premium journey under your court.

Airport NameHarry Reid International Airport
IATA Airport CodeLAS
Southwest Las Vegas Address5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
Southwest LAS TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Contact No+1 702-261-5211
CityLas Vegas
CountryUnited States
Working Hours24 hours


Flying with Southwest Airlines from Harry Reid International Airport is a breeze if you are familiar with the airport map. It helps you navigate the terminal with ease and gives you a chance to enjoy a more comfortable journey. You’ll be sure to arrive at your destination on time, and with plenty of money in your pocket. When you need assistance the friendly staff at the Southwest Airlines LAS Terminal will make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable flight. With easy check-in, comfy lounges, and helpful staff, the airline makes sure your journey is stress-free.


Navigating through Harry Reid International Airport while enjoying numerous amenities will make your travel experience stress-free. For departing flights, the airline has a partnership with the airport authority to manage your workload. The LAS airport has signboards that have a clear message helping passengers to navigate. Using the signage to search where to go and what to expect can alleviate any pre-flight jitters. 

You will travel faster if you know how the departure process works and whenever you have any queries consult the available agent to solve them. For departure flights, the airline has a security lane to initiate authorization and a dedicated drop-off baggage counter. At the check-in counter, you can purchase seats, meals, or any services to enhance your comfort during the flight journey. Once through security, you may have a bite to eat and freshen up in the luxurious lounges before your next flight.


When you exit the plane and enter the Harry Reid International Airport terminal, you feel both serene and rejuvenated. The arrival process is simple yet effective, from disembarking to bag collection, owing to friendly airport workers and well-placed signs. Professionals at Southwest Airlines Harry Reid International Airport are there to help you if you need extra assistance or transportation. 

The airline ensures a smooth transition from the plane to your destination. Security checks are quick and efficient, allowing you to get to your destination quickly. The airport provides all the services and amenities you’ll want for a comfortable trip. Southwest Airlines also offers several additional services to help make your travel more enjoyable. For passengers with a disability, the airline employs a dedicated team that helps them in the navigation process. 

What Services are available at the Southwest Airlines LAS Terminal?

Throughout your journey with Southwest Airlines from the Harry Reid International Airport, a range of services is presented by them to enhance your travel experience. From efficient check-in procedures to cozy lounges with complimentary amenities helping you to enjoy luxury even before boarding your flight.  Southwest Airlines goes above and beyond to ensure passenger satisfaction. 

Whenever you require any assistance, the customer service team of Southwest Airlines will help you solve your queries and ensure a top-notch journey with comfort. From the budget-conscious to those seeking luxury, the airline provides a range of options to cater to diverse preferences. Frequent flyer membership holders often have the advantage of preferred seating through loyalty programs. Let’s learn about them one by one:

Seat Selection

Southwest Airlines has a variety of seating arrangements ranging from the budget-friendly Economy Class to the luxury First Class. Every class has its own set of advantages and characteristics. However, you must choose seats as per your requirements and budget. Reach the Southwest Airlines Harry Reid International Airport with ample time and request the agent to finalize your booking on your terms.  You may need to bear service fees and chances will be low to secure your favorite seat as it simply depends on the availability. 

Special Assistance

Southwest Airlines provides special assistance for travelers with medical conditions. The airline is committed to providing the same level of assistance to all travelers regardless of their medical conditions. The staff is trained to provide appropriate assistance for all travelers. The airline at Southwest Airlines LAS Terminal offers wheelchair assistance, priority boarding, and other personalized services to ensure a comfortable journey. To assist better, the airline has created special assistance areas for travelers with special needs. 


At Harry Reid International Airport, the airline provides lots of services to make sure passengers have a good experience, one of which is check-in. Reach the Southwest Airlines LAS Terminal to complete the check-in process. Walking into the terminal, you’ll see Southwest Airlines check-in counters. These are where you can get your boarding pass and check in your luggage. 

Flight Change

Travelers requiring immediate assistance or looking to make last-minute changes can visit the official counter at the nearest airport. At the dedicated Southwest Airlines change flight counter, passengers can interact with officials in person to discuss their flight changes and address any associated fees. Changing your Southwest Airlines flight comes with the change fee and the fare difference. The charges will be calculated depending on availability and can vary based on factors like the date, time, and where you’re flying. 

Customer Service

Gone are the days of being tethered to a single phone line. The airline understands that travelers crave choice, so, they offer a diverse buffet of communication channels to suit every preference. The airline has a special dish to satisfy your communication appetite through the Southwest Airlines customer service phone number. In case you need further assistance simply reach the Southwest Airlines LAS Terminal with ample time and solve your worries under the supervision of travel experts. 

Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellation by visiting the Southwest Airlines Harry Reid International Airport will solve your worries immediately. Depending on the fare type they hold, passengers get a chance to request a refund from the airline. To acquire more information, connect with the travel experts and they will help you to get the best outcome for your respective concern regarding flight cancellation. You can reach them whenever you wish as the team works round the clock and distributes success under your court. 

Baggage Allowance

Passengers traveling with Southwest Airlines are required to follow a set of guidelines associated with their carry-on and checked baggage. The airline does charge a hefty fee based on terms like time of request, mode of request, fare types, and flight routes. Passengers who are adding to their free baggage allowance will need to pay up to USD 150 or more, plus taxes per checked bag. The charges need to be paid and you must understand the associated charges with baggage to avoid surprises during your air travel. 

Premium Lounges

Before your journey, you may unwind at the Southwest Airlines lounges. They provide comfortable seating, complimentary food, and fast Wi-Fi. If you fly first class, you will receive even more benefits in the unique lounges reserved for you. Southwest Airlines wants everyone to be comfortable when they fly. If you require additional assistance due to a handicap, the team is ready to help. They can assist with tasks such as obtaining a wheelchair or boarding the plane early. The airline may offer you more perks based on flight route and fare type you hold, so, speak to the available agent for more and adequate help.


Southwest Airlines prides itself on good customer service. The airline tries to serve the happiness of air travel to everyone. You will need to reach the Southwest Airlines Harry Reid International Airport in advance and the team will excite you to a world of uniqueness. Be it lounges, Wi-Fi, or any other amenities, you will be served with dedication. The customer service team will do their best to make sure your journey goes smoothly. If you need any support, collect your documents, reach the center, and solve your worries quite efficiently. 

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Southwest Airlines LAS Harry Reid International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage your group booking at the Southwest Airlines LAS Terminal?

Manage your booking by reaching the customer service desk present at the Harry Reid International Airport.

Do I need to pay to access lounges at the LAS?

No. The eligible passenger can access the lounge as complimentary. They can enjoy their time here without paying anything expensive.

Is pet support available at the Southwest Airlines LAS Terminal?

Yes. Reach the LAS terminal in time and submit all essential documents to get pet support. You may need to pay for this service based on the pet’s type, weight, size, and breed.

How to speak to the baggage team to track my lost baggage at Harry Reid International Airport?

Reach the baggage desk and share your booking details. It will help the team to analyze your baggage location and find it. 

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