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Welcome to VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport, where the energy of the city meets the convenience of air travel. Situated in downtown Puebla, the airport offers easy access to the vibrant city center that ensures a hassle-free journey for all travelers irrespective of fare holdings. Boasting modern facilities and a range of amenities, the VivaAerobus PBC Terminal with an exceptional team works hard to enhance your airport experience and make your stay more enjoyable. The terminal is designed to cater to your needs and provide a seamless and comfortable travel experience even if you hold a promotional or standard air ticket. From efficient check-in processes to convenient dining options, the PBC terminal has something for everyone to ensure that your journey is nothing short of a miracle.

Which terminal is operated by VivaAerobus at Puebla International Airport?

The airline uses Terminal 1 of Puebla International Airport to promote its domestic as well as international flight services. The International Airport is located in the central part of the city which makes it easy to access and navigate. Passengers can quickly connect to other modes of transportation for onward journeys from the VivaAerobus PBC Terminal. The airport is equipped with modern amenities and multiple service counters such as an exchange booth, check-in desk, customer service counter, baggage drop area, Wi-Fi, ATMs, charging stations, shopping, and dining centers. 

Along with these and many other amenities, the PBC terminal provides transportation, special assistance cubes, trip booking, and much more. Some services and amenities have negligible or no additional costs depending on fare category and flight routes. Travelers may unwind and enjoy their time at the VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport before their flights with a range of eating options and roomy waiting lounges. To guarantee a seamless and trouble-free travel experience for every passenger, the airport is outfitted with security, check-in, and boarding procedures.

Airport NamePuebla International Airport
Viva Aerobus PBC Airport AddressCarr. Federal México-Puebla Km 91.5, 74160 Huejotzingo, Pue., Mexico
Airport CodePBC
Viva Aerobus PBC Airport Contact Number+52 227 102 5080
Viva Aerobus PBC Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours

What is the Puebla International Airport’s navigation procedure? 

VivaAerobus is eager for you to arrive at the Puebla International Airport for your scheduled trip. The airline is committed to providing you with exceptional service based on several factors such as booking mode, fare class, destination, membership status, and many others. The ground crew at the VivaAerobus PBC Terminal will help you with the navigational guidelines, which are intended to make sure that young travelers like you can navigate through the arrival and departure terminals with ease.

VivaAerobus wants your trip to or from Puebla International Airport to be easy. So, when you arrive at the source station, you will be guided by the ground team or you can follow signboards to find the appropriate court to check in, drop off bags, and way to the departure gate. The teams are there to help if you need it as the airline is committed to making your trip smooth and enjoyable. The team will assist you from check-in to boarding and assist you during the flight journey till you reach your destination.

Arrival Terminal

As passengers enter VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport, friendly ground staff will greet them. The teams are there to help with various tasks like finding the arrival gate, assisting with baggage claims, and taking care of passengers traveling with disability. After collecting their checked luggage, passengers can follow signs to the exit after exploring the airport’s public areas such as shopping centers and cafes. For those with connecting flights, there are signs to guide them to the transfer area for their next flight. Passengers traveling with premium fares such as first-class tickets can enjoy a complimentary stay in lounges to reunite their spirit.

Departure Terminal

For passengers departing from Puebla International Airport, the navigation process is identical to butter on bread.  VivaAerobus believes air travel is for all and offers an extreme level of convenience through various amenities and services. Your journey begins at the airport lounge, where you can enjoy complimentary drinks and beverages. Depending on the fare category, you can take advantage of complimentary WiFi access, comfortable seating, and other amenities. 

Begin your journey at the VivaAerobus PBC Terminal by marking your presence at the check-in counters where they can complete the necessary procedures for their respective flight. After checking in, passengers will proceed to the security checkpoint for screening and handing over their baggage. Throughout the departure terminal, officials are available to guide passengers to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey. You can enjoy your waiting period by admiring sculptures, paintings, or spending your resources while having your favorite food. 

What services are available at VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport?

The airline is promoting its flight services to all major routes globally. To elevate passenger experience, the airline promotes numerous services at the PBC Airport. You can perform multiple actions, from flight reservations to cancellations. Continue to learn more about the services available at VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport:

Reservation Center

Do you need to re-book flights with VivaAerobus? Simply mark your way to the PBC terminal and submit the flight reservation form. To confirm your booking, the airline may ask you to submit passenger information like name, age, gender, departure city, arrival city, and other booking details. Pay the applicable charges and you will secure your reservation quite comfortably.

Flight Cancellation or Cancellation Desk

If you need to change or cancel your scheduled tickets, VivaAerobus has a special desk to submit flight change and cancellation forms. Passengers can ask for help with changing or canceling their flights as per your requirements. The team will work promptly to get the desired output irrespective of the fare category they hold. VivaAerobus Customer Service team will walk you through everything and make sure your needs are met efficiently.

Check-in Counters

Visit the convenient check-in counters to guarantee a smoother travel experience. The team will assist you with checking in and see to it that your baggage and boarding permit are delivered on time for a smooth transition. You may gain access to priority boarding depending on the fare type you hold. Checking in through the priority counters might help you avoid long lineups and save time before your journey.

Special Assistance Counter

For passengers with certain needs, the airline provides a specific service. Visit the Special Assistance Counter to obtain tailored support based on your disability. The staff members work hard to ensure every visitor has a stress-free and enjoyable experience. When it comes to medical equipment, mobility aids, or special accommodations, we can assist you on all approved routes. The VivaAerobus Special assistance services help travelers feel secure without discounting comfort.

Wi-Fi Service

Use the Wi-Fi service to remain connected while waiting for your flights at the Puebla International Airport. Passengers may easily use the internet to catch up on work, communicate with loved ones, or browse the web as they wait for their flights. 

Pet Assistance Center

The airline values the relationship between you and your pets. For you, the airline has a dedicated pet assistance center at the VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport. Reach out to the officials and they will assist you throughout the booking process. Travelers can bring their dogs or other service animals with them conveniently in their cabins(if their booking allows them to fly with their pets) with priority boarding.

Baggage Drop-Off

After you’ve checked in, go to the baggage drop-off area, sign in, and drop off your luggage before your flight. Your luggage will be handled by the staff to ensure a safe transit to your final destination. The efficient luggage drop-off service will not compromise your peace of mind.

Seat Upgrade 

Upgrade your travel experience by opting for premium seats. You can purchase your desired seats at the airport through dedicated seat upgrade counters. Treat yourself with premium seating arrangements, it enhances your comfort while offering extra legroom. Register at VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport to explore our seat upgrade options and make your flight even more enjoyable.


At VivaAerobus Puebla International Airport, travelers can easily complete several tasks including checking in, dropping off their luggage, and getting their boarding passes without leaving their comfort. You won’t need to make any additional effort as most essential services are available under one court. For instant support, the airline also operates a customer service center at the PBC terminal that helps passengers with their queries.

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Viva Aerobus Puebla International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet with me in the cabin when flying with VivaAerobus from Puebla International Airport?

VivaAerobus may allow passengers to travel with their furry friends in a cabin depending on their pet’s breed and their fare holdings. For detailed information, contact the airline separately while keeping your booking credentials handy.

How to navigate the Puebla International Airport for baggage drop-off facility?

Follow the signboard and research the VivaAerobus PBC Terminal map to get yourself to the dedicated baggage drop-off counter. For any queries, the airline does have a customer service desk which will help you to solve your worries quite comfortably.  

Is VivaAerobus a good airline for passengers traveling with disabilities and elders?

Yes. VivaAerobus is the best airline for passengers traveling with disabilities and elders. The airline does have special assistance services for travelers with disabilities and elders at no additional cost. You can enjoy various services including wheelchair assistance, special meals, and other assistance. 

How to speak to the customer service team at the PBC terminal?

Reach the VivaAerobus PBC Terminal with your tickets and mark your presence at the dedicated customer service counter. You will need to share your booking credentials for immediate support and the team will act on your concern effectively. 

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