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Turkish Airlines flies from N’Djamena International Airport and aims to give passengers a smooth journey across the globe. At the Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal, travelers find comfort and convenience with various amenities and services regardless of the fare category they hold. From easy check-in to priority boarding, the airline makes sure passengers are well taken care of during their flight journey. Passengers with a wide range of in-flight amenities such as complimentary meals, snacks, and drinks also motivate them to fly from Turkish Airlines N’Djamena International Airport. The airline also provides Wi-Fi facilities to eligible passengers to keep them connected throughout their journey. Be with this guide as we will walk you through the different services and options available for those flying with Turkish Airlines from N’Djamena International Airport.

Which Terminal is kept operational by Turkish Airlines at the N’Djamena International Airport?

Turkish Airlines operates at N’Djamena International Airport which comprises two terminals, Main and South Terminal. The airline uses the Main Terminal for its domestic and international flights. The Main Terminal facilitates smooth travel experiences for passengers heading to various destinations. Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal offers a wide array of amenities such as check-in counters, security checkpoints, duty-free shops, dining options, and lounges. Passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, currency exchange services, and baggage claim areas which help them to manage puzzles and enjoy a seamless flight journey. The Turkish Airlines N’Djamena International Airport also has dedicated counters that promote services such as wheelchair assistance, personal aids, babysitting, unaccompanied minor support, and pet kennels.

Turkish Airlines, N’Djamena International Airport Address42MM+352, N’Djamena, Chad
Airport CodeNDJ
TerminalTerminal 1
Turkish Airlines NDJ Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Turkish Airlines NDJ Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Turkish Airlines IATA CodeTK
Turkish Airlines ICAO CodeTHY
Turkish Airlines Ticket Counter HoursDaily 24 Hours
Turkish Airlines Contact Number+235 66 28 45 18
Turkish Airlines Official Websitewww.turkishairlines.com

A closer overview of the NDJ Terminal section used by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines operates from Terminal 1 at N’Djamena International Airport. The airline provides passengers with easy access to a host of amenities including duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges. The airport promotes ground transportation options helping passengers to make appropriate transitions. The Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal features check-in counters, security checkpoints, duty-free shops, dining options, baggage counters, customer service, and many other services. When they fly from or to the Turkish Airlines N’Djamena International Airport, passengers have everything they need for a comfortable journey. Continue to understand the navigation process of NDJ Terminal.

N’Djamena International Airport Departure Terminal Center

Passengers can board their flight quickly and easily. They can also access free Wi-Fi, ATMs, currency exchanges, and other amenities. They can enjoy dining options, shop for souvenirs, or simply relax in the comfortable waiting areas while waiting for their flight. When you mark your presence at the departure area of Turkish Airlines N’Djamena International Airport, the team will assist you with numerous services and amenities after greeting you. From check-in to boarding, the airline prioritizes passenger satisfaction with professional team experts. In case, you have any queries or encounter difficulty in the navigation process, you can easily mark your presence at the helpdesk. 

N’Djamena International Airport Arrival Terminal Center

Passengers can rely on Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal for arrival flights. The navigation process for arrival flights helps passengers enjoy a hassle-free journey marked by comfort and convenience. At the arrival gate, passengers will find an array of helpful services to enhance their travel experience including ATMs, shopping facilities, restaurants, priority check-in counters, baggage drop desks, waiting lounges, currency exchange counters, customer service desks, and many other facilities. Passengers can unwind their spirit at their destination airport and collect their inner peace conveniently. The airline allows eligible passengers to enjoy their time with complimentary beverages and snacks.

What services are presented at the NDJ Terminal by Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines provides a wide range of in-flight entertainment options to keep passengers entertained during the flight. At the Turkish Airlines N’Djamena International Airport, the airline offers a variety of special services such as priority check-in and priority boarding to passengers traveling with old citizens, minors, or with disabilities. The airline offers a variety of discounts and promotions from time to time, so, having a quick chat with a customer service agent does allow you to save more on future flight reservations with Turkish Airlines. Let’s dive into the array of services and amenities the airline offers to enhance your travel experience:


Say goodbye to long queues with the efficient check-in facilities such as dedicated counters and kiosks present at the Turkish Airlines N’Djamena International Airport. You are free to choose the check-in process as per your delight, The airline got you covered and in case you need any assistance, simply reach the customer service desk. The available team at the Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal will use your booking credentials and help you complete the check-in process efficiently. 

Lounge Access

Unwind in luxury at the exclusive lounges Turkish Airlines at N’Djamena International Airport provides. These premium lounges offer plush seating, complimentary snacks, Wi-Fi access, magazines, and many other complimentary services to eligible passengers. Through these services, the airline ensures a relaxing experience before and after your flight. Passengers can enjoy a variety of services such as personalized assistance for ultimate comfort and convenience. The airline is promoting a secure ambiance that meets passenger happiness.

Flight Change and Cancellation Facility

Whenever you need to cancel or make changes in your itinerary, you will need to visit the dedicated desk present at the Turkish Airlines N’Djamena International Airport. You can make suitable changes effortlessly by contacting travel agents present at the helpdesk. Passengers have the flexibility to manage their flight reservations on the same day of departure with assistance available from the customer service team at NDJ Terminal. Simply reach the center in advance and make changes or cancellations with respect to your fare class clause. 

Pet Travel 

Traveling with your furry friend with a more convenient journey if you are flying from the Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal. The airline provides specialized services to ensure your pet travels with more comfort and safety throughout the journey. From in-cabin travel to pet travel crates, the airline will make sure your pet’s well-being is safeguarded throughout the journey. To avail this service, you will need to reach the service area with health and vaccination certifications.

Wi-Fi Accessibility

Stay connected throughout your journey with Turkish Airlines’ Wi-Fi services. So, from now on, you can read emails, stream your favorite shows, or browse the web as the reliable Wi-Fi service keeps you connected at all times. Passengers can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access with certain fare types.

Baggage Desk

Turkish Airlines’ dedicated baggage assistance team is here to help make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Visit the convenient baggage counter for assistance with baggage allowance, tracking, or purchasing additional baggage. As a bonus, passengers can make adjustments to their allowed limit by submitting a request with a supportive document at Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal.

Customer Service Desk

Turkish Airlines customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any queries concerning flights, reservation changes, or general travel information. Passengers may change or cancel their flights, and the dedicated assistance staff ensures everyone has a pleasant and easy journey. 

Priority Boarding and Special Services

Make your flight more fun with movies, shows, and tasty food. Talk to the Turkish Airlines customer service team if you want extra stuff for your trip. Get on the plane first and find your seat for a smooth start with priority boarding. Anytime you get in touch with the team, they will be happy to help you with your travel needs.

Special Assistance

Turkish Airlines offers special assistance services to passengers with physical limitations to ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. These services include wheelchair assistance, priority boarding, and in-flight support. You can navigate the airport, board the flight, or get immediate support during the flight with the dedicated team. Every passenger should feel supported and well-cared during their flight journey since the teams are trained to provide the best and most effective service.


Traveling with Turkish Airlines from N’Djamena International Airport offers passengers a seamless and enjoyable experience. You can perform multiple actions at the departure center, from check-in to booking special assistance services. The airline prioritizes passenger comfort and convenience above all. The best part about the Turkish Airlines NDJ Terminal is you will get access to numerous services under one court. The airline with partnership with local authority ensures that passengers can easily manage their flight reservations, change flights, and access customer support for any assistance immediately. To make your journey more comfortable make sure you are carrying all relevant documents with you.

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Turkish Airlines NDJ N’Djamena International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is Turkish Airlines at NDJ?

Turkish Airlines operates from Terminal 1 at NDJ.

Which terminal is Turkish Airlines at N’Djamena International Airport?

Terminal 1 is a center hub for Turkish Airlines at N’Djamena International Airport.

How can I speak with Turkish Airlines?

You can use the live chat or phone call +1-833-563-0186 to contact Turkish Airlines.

How do I connect with someone on Turkish Airlines?

To connect with someone on Turkish Airlines, simply dial +1-833-563-0186.

How do I complain to Turkish Airlines?

If you need to file a complaint, contact Turkish Airlines’ customer care team via phone call +1-833-563-0186, email, or live chat option.

Does Turkish Airlines have 24-hour cancellation?

Yes, Turkish Airlines has 24-hour cancellation.

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